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 Subject : Filtration equipment - crossflow and sweetspotters.. 07/17/2023 09:42:15 AM 
Milan Vujnic
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Eastern Winemaking Solutions partnered with VA Filtration USA to offer a range of crossflow and nano filtration systems to suite every winery size and budget. All our equipment is designed and manufactured at our facility in Napa, CA. If you are looking to upgrade your filtration, consider American made equipment. Should you need spare parts or technical assistance, you will be helped immediately.
Our crossflows range in size from 2 to 12 modules with various automation levels and start at $30,500. Our sweetspotters and larger nano filtration units are used for VA reduction, wine concentration, Brett character removal, smoke taint removal, pH correction, cold stabilization, alcohol adjustment, TCA removal...
Contact me for more details:
Milan Vujnic
Eastern Winemaking Solutions Equipment & Consulting
[email protected]
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