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 Subject : Hiring College Viticulture Instructor - San Antonio Area.. 09/12/2019 05:50:52 PM 
Rose Flores
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Adjunct Faculty (Horticulture-Principles of Viticulture)
Purpose of position:
A full-time temporary faculty member is a professional educator that has the responsibility of providing a quality education for all students. This position is full-time for up to two years with benefits. The relationship of the faculty member to the student is one of leader, teacher, advisor, and facilitator of learning. Faculty members will uphold the mission and values of the colleges and foster effective working relationships with students and colleagues.
Specifics of the viticulture and enology faculty member:
Teaches viticulture and horticulture at Palo Alto College, facilitates labs, develops viticulture curriculum to ensure that the material taught in the classrooms is relevant and current. This faculty also coordinates viticulture activities on and off campus to increase the student’s knowledge. The job also requires the promotion and the growth of the Viticulture and Enology A.A.S through networking, recruitment events and school and vineyard site visits.

Specific Duties of the Viticulture Faculty Include:
-Instructing the viticulture and Enology degree and certificate students through the horticulture program. This includes in class lectures and outside labs in the practice vineyard.
-Develops and assess the viticulture curriculum to ensure the degree is current Professional and Technical Education standards and accreditation guidelines.
-Participate in community outreach initiatives though program events and community workshops.
-Guiding students as a mentor, advisor and recruiter.
-Develops and reassess learning outcomes for Viticulture A.A.S and curriculum for upcoming Enology Certificate.
-Participates in department meetings to keep informed of upcoming timelines, policies, and pertinent information.
-Performs job-related duties as assigned by the Program Lead, Department Chair, or Dean.

Minimum Education and Experience:

-Associates degree plus three years of industry experience in horticulture or viticulture.
-Several years of work experience in the principles and practices of grape production including grape propagation, trellis and production systems, climate requirements, and economic factors affecting the choice of vineyard type and location.
-Proficient with wine training and pruning, canopy management, nutrient and water, and pest management plan strategy.

Hourly or Salaried: Salary
18,000 – $24,000 per semester
Funding Source: Hard Money
Benefits Eligible: Yes

Landscape and Turfgrass Mgmt.
1400 W. Villaret Blvd.
San Antonio, Texas, 78224 United States

For more information, please contact Dr. Severo Rodriguez: [email protected]

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