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 Subject : Mobile Bottling Line.. 12/05/2022 03:18:46 PM 
Christie Garner
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[img]null[/img]Location:Dallas, TX
Price: $319,500.00
Company:Scout & Cellar
Mobile Bottling Line for Sale in Dallas, Texas
Selling as one complete operating unit

Pricing below. Also accepting best offer.
Photos available upon request.
Buyer to arrange pickup or shipping from Dallas Warehouse Facility
  • 1995 Great Dane- Model 7711tjwla, bottling line van trailer 3,000 bottles/hour maximum capacity
  • 2004 Wells Cargo-Model rf7142, enclosed trailer with air technologies 2-stage compressor, with 80-gallon tank; and (2) transformers
  • 2020 LDS, Nitrogen Doser
  • 2005 Nortan- Model 40R, Foil spinner application 3,500 bottles/hour; with plc control
  • 2006 Fimer- Model DRT2161-S.VA.G, 16-HD Stainless steel monoblock bottle filler with the electro steam generator corp model l-20 electric boiler, s/n 41591; Airtech vacuum seal machine; and control
  • 1998 Bestpack- Model 3ALR-75, Case sealer
  • 2006 Impresstik- Model 3000VAC, Pressure sensitive wine bottle labeler
  • Tabletop Conveyor, 4"x~40'
  • 2006 Poggio- Model FM97 16, 16-Clamp automatic rinser with powered bottle conveyor; and push button control

Contact: Christie Garner at [email protected]
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